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What is a Managed Hosting Service? – A Definitive Guide.

In addition to freeing up hosting hassle, keeping up with the latest hardware and software updates can also come as a big surprise. It is to this end using a managed service for hosting related solution can come really handy. But what is a Managed hosting service?

Managed hosting is an IT provisioning service model in which a hosting provider handles the day to day setup, management and administration of servers hardware’s and software’s, this in turns ensure high availability, performance and security of hosted website or applications.

The Managed Service Provider guarantees support to the client for the underlying infrastructure, website and applications thus ensure regular maintenance by providing a convenient and easy-to-use platform for clients to run their business website or web applications.

What comes with a managed hosting service?

  • 24hours technical support
  • Backups and disaster recovery;
  • Load balancing;
  • 24hours Server monitoring
  • Proactive managed security including regular vulnerability scans, intrusion detection, and distributed denial-of-service prevention and mitigation;
  • physical security measures for safeguarding data centers;
  • server configuration, maintenance, and monitoring;
  • Application support;
  • Support for resolving technical issues.
  • Fully managed hardware
  • Installation and full support of core software package
  • Core operating system updates and patches

At Jovehost, we ensure that our servers and all infrastructures are running efficiently and securely, all software packages are kept up to date. We have a proactive response to incidents. We also have set up predictive monitoring via Prometheus – so we can prevent issues before they even occur.

We do not host your website only; we support your business so you can grow easily.

How can Jovehost Help?

Managed hosting solutions is fast becoming the much-preferred choice to traditional hosting and public cloud provider such as Amazon web service, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure because the technicality and complexities involved in managing your underlying infrastructure are taking off your To-Do List and we will love to help your business grow and assist your web projects by taking care of those technical configurations for you.

Jovehost is the Best Managed Cloud Hosting Provider in Nigeria and we keep powering several Nigerian in African business web site online. Let us know if you need any managed hosting solution that we can help you out with.

In the meantime, you can view our current managed hosting service below:

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